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Most Affordable Cities to Buy a Home in the Bay Area

Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

Ask anyone that currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area about the price of housing and you will likely get the same response, "IT'S RIDICULOUS". These people aren't necessarily exaggerating either. According to a report released by CoreLogic, the median price of a house in the Bay Area is still around $830,000, which is much higher than many places in the country. For reference, the median price of a home in the Chicago area is $215,000. And up in Seattle the median price is $430,000.

That being said, there are still some areas within the Bay Area that are "affordable". Maybe not Chicago affordable, but still below the median price. So where are these places you might ask? Below are the Bay Area cities with the lowest median sales priced for attached homes as of September 2019:

Photo by City of Concord (Facebook)

CONCORD: $349,450

RICHMOND: $470,000

SAN LEANDRO: $475,000


HAYWARD: $568,500

There's still a possibility to fulfill the dream of home ownership in the Bay Area.

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